LSB Photography

Lori & Steve Biegler own and operate LSB Photography

They specialize in Portrait, Product and Event Photography

Their work has been published many times in numerous publications

including Newsday, Stars & Stripes, Birds Nearby, The Daily Word and National Geographic's  Birds, Bees and Butterflies 

They are also photographers for the American Airpower Museum

as well as The Museum Of American Armor.

"From Dawn To Dusk 2018"

"P-51 Talk"

"Blue Angels"

"Your Passport To Living History"

Photoshop Collage For The American Airpower Museum By LSB Photography

"Lazy Susans Photo Montage"

Cockpit USA 2015-2016 Catalog Cover


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Now you can order custom Wall Art ready to hang. This Gallery has selected photos from our portfolio that you can order printed on Metal. Click "Buy Photos" then "Buy Photo Package". Select the size you would like and then select the photo and check out using SmugMugs secure site with either Credit Card or PayPal.

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Museum photographs can be downloaded for free by museum members, family and friends.

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Prints and other photo merchandise are available to purchase for a modest sum