Our Sungevity Solar Panel Installation - LSB Photography

We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Sungevity.

Our system is performing much better than they promised.

Our savings over the first 10 months (compared to the same 10 months the year prior) are as follows;

Over the 10 months we have saved $941.55 compared to the same 10 months a year ago by going Solar.

$2,860.17 - 10 Months Last Year

$1,918.20 - Last 10 months

$574.42 To PSEG

$1,344.20 To Sungevity

$ 941.55- Savings

The main reason (and a reason that should be important to you) to use Sungevity is the type of roof mounts they use (watch the video I linked below)

We had asked our salesman what the main differences were between Sungevity and Solar City and this was his reply:

Lots of differences. Let me give you one of the biggest.

Remember when I said roof leaks are the number call back for solar installations and that they generally void your existing roofing warranty?

Heres why: Solarcity owns Zep solar.

Zep is their mounting hardware company.

The only thing protecting your roof from a roof leak is a stainless steel washer, not even a rubber gasket.

Here is a nice little video that explains everything.

Watch Video

The long dimension of our house faces due South.

The front of the house faces West.

Our system is 36 panel - 9KV

I was especially pleased with the neat electrical installation as that is a lot of equipment to mount on the side of the house.

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Our Sungevity Solar Panel Installation